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  • Anti-survivin antibody responses in lung cancer 

    Karanikas, V.; Khalil, S.; Kerenidi, T.; Gourgoulianis, K. I.; Germenis, A. E. (2009)
    Existing evidence regarding spontaneous anti-survivin humoral responses in lung cancer is inconclusive. Moreover, despite that cancer cell death elicited by radiotherapy and some chemotherapeutic agents seems to be ...
  • CUZD1 and Anti-CUZD1 Antibodies as Markers of Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 

    Liaskos, C.; Rigopoulou, E. I.; Orfanidou, T.; Bogdanos, D. P.; Papandreou, C. N. (2013)
    CUZD1, the CUB, and zona pellucida-like domains-containing protein 1, is a newly identified antigen of pancreatic autoantibodies (PAB) giving a reticulogranular pattern in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, and in ...