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  • Clinical and experimental evidence of bcl-2 involvement in the response to photodynamic therapy 

    Koukourakis, M. I.; Corti, L.; Skarlatos, J.; Giatromanolaki, A.; Krammer, B.; Blandamura, S.; Piazza, M.; Verwanger, T.; Schnitzhofer, G.; Kostandelos, J.; Beroukas, K. (2001)
    Purpose: The role of apoptosis related proteins in the response of human malignancies to photodynamic therapy (PDT) is under investigation. The aim of the study was to examine the role of p53 and of bcl-2 protein expression ...
  • FLT1 Genetic Variation Predisposes to Neovascular AMD in Ethnically Diverse Populations and Alters Systemic FLT1 Expression 

    Owen, L. A.; Morrison, M. A.; Ahn, J.; Woo, S. J.; Sato, H.; Robinson, R.; Morgan, D. J.; Zacharaki, F.; Simeonova, M.; Uehara, H.; Chakravarthy, U.; Hogg, R. E.; Ambati, B. K.; Kotoula, M.; Baehr, W.; Haider, N. B.; Silvestri, G.; Miller, J. W.; Tsironi, E. E.; Farrer, L. A.; Kim, I. K.; Park, K. H.; DeAngelis, M. M. (2014)
    PURPOSE. Current understanding of the genetic risk factors for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is not sufficiently predictive of the clinical course. The VEGF pathway is a key therapeutic target for treatment of ...
  • Prognostic role of angiogenesis in operable carcinoma of the gallbladder 

    Giatromanolaki, A.; Sivridis, E.; Koukourakis, M. I.; Polychronidis, A.; Simopoulos, C. (2002)
    The prognostic significance of intratumoral angiogenesis was investigated in 62 patients with stage I-III carcinomas of the gallbladder treated with simple cholecystectomy. Microvessel density (MVD) was assessed ...