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  • Modeling the dynamics of caching in content-based publish/subscribe systems 

    Sourlas, V.; Paschos, G. S.; Mannersalo, P.; Flegkas, P.; Tassiulas, L. (2011)
    This paper considers cache dimensioning in the context of publish/subscribe (pub/sub) systems. We assume that each broker is equipped with a limited capacity cache and it decides upon a policy for caching and prioritizing ...
  • New channel allocation techniques for power efficient WiFi networks 

    Miliotis, V.; Apostolaras, A.; Korakis, T.; Tao, Z.; Tassiulas, L. (2010)
    Energy efficiency becomes evergreen than ever before. Over the last few years a significant research in wireless communications, aiming to enhance communications efficiency subject to constraint of power consumption, has ...
  • Wireless video transmission with over-the-air packet mixing 

    Argyriou, A. (2012)
    In this paper, we propose a system for wireless video transmission with a wireless physical layer (PHY) that supports cooperative forwarding of interfered/superimposed packets. Our system model considers multiple and ...