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  • Consequences of reduced vitamin A administration on mammary health of dairy ewes 

    Koutsoumpas, A. T.; Giadinis, N. D.; Petridou, E. J.; Konstantinou, E.; Brozos, C.; Lafi, S. Q.; Fthenakis, G. C.; Karatzias, H. (2013)
    The study was carried out in Mytilene breed dairy ewes, which were allocated into two groups, 2 months before their first mating. All animals were given a diet based on dried alfalfa hay and concentrate compound feed with ...
  • "Milk-drop syndrome of ewes": Investigation of the causes in dairy sheep in Greece 

    Giadinis, N. D.; Arsenos, G.; Tsakos, P.; Psychas, V.; Dovas, C. I.; Papadopoulos, E.; Karatzias, H.; Fthenakis, G. C. (2012)
    "Milk-drop syndrome of ewes" is defined as a pathological entity at flock level and a syndrome characterized by reduced milk yield of lactating ewes, with no clinical signs specific to a disease. Concurrent presence of the ...
  • Subclinical mastitis changes the patterns of maternal-offspring behaviour in dairy sheep 

    Gougoulis, D. A.; Kyriazakis, I.; Papaioannou, N.; Papadopoulos, E.; Taitzoglou, I. A.; Fthenakis, G. C. (2008)
    Subclinical mastitis was induced by inoculating one mammary gland in dairy ewes (n = 8) with a Staphylococcus simulans isolate; control ewes (n = 4) were included. The milk yield of inoculated glands decreased (P < 0.001), ...