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  • Consequences of reduced vitamin A administration on mammary health of dairy ewes 

    Koutsoumpas, A. T.; Giadinis, N. D.; Petridou, E. J.; Konstantinou, E.; Brozos, C.; Lafi, S. Q.; Fthenakis, G. C.; Karatzias, H. (2013)
    The study was carried out in Mytilene breed dairy ewes, which were allocated into two groups, 2 months before their first mating. All animals were given a diet based on dried alfalfa hay and concentrate compound feed with ...
  • Diagnosis of clinical or subclinical mastitis in ewes 

    Fragkou, I. A.; Boscos, C. M.; Fthenakis, G. C. (2014)
    Objectives of this paper are to review (i) diagnostic methods and procedures available for clinical or subclinical mastitis in ewes and (ii) applications of these procedures in the diagnosis of mastitis. Early and correct ...
  • Mastitis in sheep - The last 10 years and the future of research 

    Gelasakis, A. I.; Mavrogianni, V. S.; Petridis, I. G.; Vasileiou, N. G. C.; Fthenakis, G. C. (2015)
    Bacterial mastitis is a significant welfare and financial problem in sheep flocks. This paper reviews the recently published literature, including publications that highlight the significance and virulence factors of the ...