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  • Genomic analysis of recombinant Sabin clinical isolates 

    Paximadi, E.; Karakasiliotis, I.; Mamuris, Z.; Stathopoulos, C.; Krikelis, V.; Markoulatos, P. (2006)
    Recombination in Poliovirus vaccine strains is a very frequent phenomenon. In this report 23 polio/Sabin strains isolated from healthy vaccinees or from VAPP patients after OPV administration, were investigated in order ...
  • Vaccine derived bi- and multi-recombinant Sabin strains 

    Paximadi, E.; Karakasiliotis, I.; Bolanaki, E.; Krikelis, A.; Markoulatos, P. (2007)
    A retrospective analysis of five Sabin intertypic recombinant strains, isolated from human feacal specimens during the time period 1978-1985 in Greece, was performed by RT-PCR, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism ...