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  • Anti-survivin antibody responses in lung cancer 

    Karanikas, V.; Khalil, S.; Kerenidi, T.; Gourgoulianis, K. I.; Germenis, A. E. (2009)
    Existing evidence regarding spontaneous anti-survivin humoral responses in lung cancer is inconclusive. Moreover, despite that cancer cell death elicited by radiotherapy and some chemotherapeutic agents seems to be ...
  • hTERT regulation by NF-kappa B and c-myc in irradiated HER2-positive breast cancer cells 

    Papanikolaou, V.; Athanassiou, E.; Dubos, S.; Dimou, I.; Papathanasiou, I.; Kitsiou-Tzeli, S.; Kappas, C.; Tsezou, A. (2011)
    Purpose: Telomerase activity (TA), frequently observed in cancer, compensates for telomere shortening thus preventing cell senescence and conferring resistance to therapy. In the present study, we investigated the expression ...
  • INCENP (Inner Centromere Protein) is Overexpressed in High Grade Non-Hodgkin B-cell Lymphomas 

    Barbanis, S.; Ioannou, M.; Kouvaras, E.; Karasavvidou, F.; Nakou, M.; Papamichali, R.; Koukoulis, G. (2009)
    Inner centromere protein (INCENP) is a member of the Chromosomal Passenger Complex (CPC), which is a four member protein complex essential for proper completion of mitosis and cell division (cytokinesis). Inappropriate ...