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  • Neuroblastoma cells negative for CD44 possess tumor-initiating properties 

    Siapati, E. K.; Rouka, E.; Kyriakou, D.; Vassilopoulos, G. (2011)
    CD44 has been linked to favorable prognosis in neuroblastoma and in the present study we investigate if it can be used to prospectively isolate neuroblastoma-initiating cells. To define the cancer-initiating properties of ...
  • PKC-epsilon activation is required for recognition memory in the rat 

    Zisopoulou, S.; Asimaki, O.; Leondaritis, G.; Vasilaki, A.; Sakellaridis, N.; Pitsikas, N.; Mangoura, D. (2013)
    Activation of PKC epsilon, an abundant and developmentally regulated PKC isoform in the brain, has been implicated in memory throughout life and across species. Yet, direct evidence for a mechanistic role for PKC epsilon ...
  • Tumor immune escape mediated by indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 

    Zamanakou, M.; Germenis, A. E.; Karanikas, V. (2007)
    Amongst the numerous mediators contributing towards the escape Of tumors from the host's immune response against them, the enzyme indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (lDO) has recently attracted special attention. By catabolizing ...