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  • Dance as an Eccentric Form of Exercise: Practical Implications 

    Paschalis, V.; Nikolaidis, M. G.; Jamurtas, A. Z.; Owolabi, E. O.; Kitas, G. D.; Wyon, M. A.; Koutedakis, Y. (2012)
    The eccentric action is an integral part of the stretch-shortening (or eccentric-concentric) cycle of muscle movement, especially when repositioning of the centre of gravity is required. Jumps and landing tasks are examples ...
  • The effects of eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage on running kinematics at different speeds 

    Tsatalas, T.; Giakas, G.; Spyropoulos, G.; Sideris, V.; Lazaridis, S.; Kotzamanidis, C.; Koutedakis, Y. (2013)
    This study investigated the effects of knee localised muscle damage on running kinematics at varying speeds. Nineteen young women (23.2 +/- 2.8 years; 164 +/- 8cm; 53.6 +/- 5.4kg), performed a maximal eccentric muscle ...
  • Neuromuscular differences between prepubescents boys and adult men during drop jump 

    Lazaridis, S.; Bassa, E.; Patikas, D.; Giakas, G.; Gollhofer, A.; Kotzamanidis, C. (2010)
    The purpose of the present study was to determine the lower extremities biomechanical differences between prepubescent and adult males during drop jumps (DJs). Twenty-four untrained males (12 prepubescents, 12 adults) ...