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  • Continuous replica placement schemes in distributed systems 

    Loukopoulos, T.; Lampsas, P.; Ahmad, I. (2005)
    The Replica Placement Problem (RPP) aims at creating a set of duplicated data objects across the nodes of a distributed system in order to optimize certain criteria. Typically, RPP formulations fall into two categories: ...
  • Formal model and scheduling heuristics for the replica migration problem 

    Tziritas, N.; Loukopoulos, T.; Lampsas, P.; Lalis, S. (2008)
    Replication of the most popular objects is often used in distributed data provision systems to reduce access time and improve availability. In fact, a given replica placement scheme may have to be redefined as object ...
  • Investigating the replica transfer scheduling problem 

    Loukopoulos, T.; Tziritas, N.; Lampsas, P.; Lalis, S. (2006)
    The Replica Placement Problem (RPP) aims at selecting the nodes for duplicating data objects in order to optimize their access. Even though a lot of work already exists on RPP, the issue of implementing the resulting ...