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  • Cold shock Y-box protein-1 proteolysis autoregulates its transcriptional activities 

    Van Roeyen, C. R. C.; Scurt, F. G.; Brandt, S.; Kuhl, V. A.; Martinkus, S.; Djudjaj, S.; Raffetseder, U.; Royer, H. D.; Stefanidis, I.; Dunn, S. E.; Dooley, S.; Weng, H.; Fischer, T.; Lindquist, J. A.; Mertens, P. R. (2013)
    Background: The Y-box protein-1 (YB-1) fulfills pleiotropic functions relating to gene transcription, mRNA processing, and translation. It remains elusive how YB-1 shuttling into the nuclear and cytoplasmic compartments ...
  • Differential regulation of chemokine CCL5 expression in monocytes/macrophages and renal cells by Y-box protein-1 

    Raffetseder, U.; Rauen, T.; Djudjaj, S.; Kretzler, M.; En-Nia, A.; Tacke, F.; Zimmermann, H. W.; Nelson, P. J.; Frye, B. C.; Floege, J.; Stefanidis, I.; Weber, C.; Mertens, P. R. (2009)
    The Y-box protein-1 (YB-1) belongs to the family of cold shock proteins that have pleiotropic functions such as gene transcription, RNA splicing, and mRNA translation. YB-1 has a critical role in atherogenesis due to its ...