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  • Join-queries between two spatial datasets indexed by a single R*-tree 

    Vassilakopoulos, M.; Corral, A.; Karanikolas, N. N. (2011)
    A spatial join, a common query in Spatial Databases and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), consists in testing every possible pair of data elements belonging to two spatial datasets against a spatial predicate. This ...
  • Predictive join processing between regions and moving objects 

    Corral, A.; Torres, M.; Vassilakopoulos, M.; Manolopoulos, Y. (2008)
    The family of R-trees is suitable for indexing various kinds of multidimensional objects. TPR*-trees are R-tree based structures that have been proposed for indexing a moving object database, e.g. a data-base of moving ...