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  • Markov decision processes with multidimensional action spaces 

    Pandelis, D. G. (2010)
    We study controlled Markov processes where multiple decisions need to be made for each state. We present conditions on the cost structure and the state transition mechanism of the process under which optimal decisions are ...
  • Packet skipping and network coding for delay-sensitive network communication 

    Aoun, M.; Beekhuizen, P.; Argyriou, A.; Denteneer, D.; van der Stok, P. (2012)
    We provide an analytical study of the impact of packet skipping and opportunistic network coding on the timely communication of messages through a single network element. In a first step, we consider a single-server queueing ...
  • Power-law vs exponential queueing in a network traffic model 

    Tsoukatos, K. P.; Makowski, A. M. (2008)
    We examine the impact of network traffic dependencies on queueing performance in the context of a popular stochastic model, namely the infinite capacity discrete-time queue with deterministic service rate and M vertical ...