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  • EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communication and Networking: Editorial 

    Palazzo, S.; Tassiulas, L.; Tong, L. (2005)
  • Heterogeneous and opportunistic wireless networks 

    Pérez-Romero, J.; Palazzo, S.; Galluccio, L.; Morabito, G.; Leonardi, A.; Antón-Haro, C.; Arikan, E.; Asheid, G.; Belleville, M.; Dagres, I.; Dardari, D.; Dohler, M.; Eldar, Y.; Gezici, S.; Giupponi, L.; Guillemot, C.; Iosifidis, G.; Kieffer, M.; Kountouris, M.; Luise, M.; Masera, G.; Matamoros, J.; Miliou, N.; Morche, D.; Moy, C.; Navarro, C.; Olmo, G.; Palicot, J.; Pedone, R.; Ramakrishnan, V.; Shamai, S.; Tyczka, P.; Vandendorpe, L.; Vanelli-Coralli, A.; Weidmann, C.; Zalonis, A. (2012)
    Recent years have witnessed the evolution of a large plethora of wireless technologies with different characteristics, as a response of the operators' and users' needs in terms of an efficient and ubiquitous delivery of ...
  • The ultimate limits of wireless networks 

    Antón-Haro, C.; Eldar, Y.; Galluccio, L.; Iosifidis, G.; Kountouris, M.; Koutsopoulos, I.; Matamoros, J.; Palazzo, S.; Shamai, S.; Belleville, M.; Ramakrishnan, V.; Masera, G.; Morche, D. (2012)
    This paper discusses the grand challenges associated with the holy grail of understanding and reaching the ultimate performance limits of wireless networks. Specifically, the next goal in the networking community is to ...