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  • A prospective, cohort, multicentre study of candidaemia in hospitalized adult patients with haematological malignancies 

    Gamaletsou, M. N.; Walsh, T. J.; Zaoutis, T.; Pagoni, M.; Kotsopoulou, M.; Voulgarelis, M.; Panayiotidis, P.; Vassilakopoulos, T.; Angelopoulou, M. K.; Marangos, M.; Spyridonidis, A.; Kofteridis, D.; Pouli, A.; Sotiropoulos, D.; Matsouka, P.; Argyropoulou, A.; Perloretzou, S.; Leckerman, K.; Manaka, A.; Oikonomopoulos, P.; Daikos, G.; Petrikkos, G.; Sipsas, N. V. (2014)
    Invasive candidiasis is a life-threatening infection in patients with haematological malignancies. The objective of our study was to determine the incidence, microbiological characteristics and clinical outcome of candidaemia ...