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  • Graspable and Resource-Flexible Applications for Pervasive Computing at Home 

    Domaszewicz, J.; Lalis, S.; Paczesny, T.; Pruszkowski, A.; Ala-Louko, M. (2013)
    We envision the home populated with regular objects that allow programmatic access to their sensors and actuators. The objects jointly form a pervasive computing platform, open for third-party independently developed ...
  • Middleware mechanisms for agent mobility in wireless sensor and actuator networks 

    Tziritas, N.; Georgakoudis, G.; Lalis, S.; Paczesny, T.; Domaszewicz, J.; Lampsas, P.; Loukopoulos, T. (2012)
    This paper describes middleware-level support for agent mobility, targeted at hierarchically structured wireless sensor and actuator network applications. Agent mobility enables a dynamic deployment and adaptation of the ...
  • Tangible applications for regular objects: An end-user model for pervasive computing at home 

    Lalis, S.; Domaszewicz, J.; Pruszkowski, A.; Paczesny, T.; Ala-Louko, M.; Taumberger, M.; Georgakoudis, G.; Lekkas, K. (2010)
    This paper describes an end-user model for a domestic pervasive computing platform formed by regular home objects. The platform does not rely on pre-planned infrastructure; instead, it exploits objects that are already ...