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  • A metabolic gene cluster in Lotus japonicus discloses novel enzyme functions and products in triterpene biosynthesis 

    Krokida, A.; Delis, C.; Geisler, K.; Garagounis, C.; Tsikou, D.; Pena-Rodriguez, L. M.; Katsarou, D.; Field, B.; Osbourn, A. E.; Papadopoulou, K. K. (2013)
    Genes for triterpene biosynthetic pathways exist as metabolic gene clusters in oat and Arabidopsis thaliana plants. We characterized the presence of an analogous gene cluster in the model legume Lotus japonicus. In the ...
  • Role of lupeol synthase in Lotus japonicus nodule formation 

    Delis, C.; Krokida, A.; Georgiou, S.; Pena-Rodriguez, L. M.; Kavroulakis, N.; Ioannou, E.; Roussis, V.; Osbourn, A. E.; Papadopoulou, K. K. (2011)
    P>Triterpenes are plant secondary metabolites, derived from the cyclization of 2,3-oxidosqualene by oxidosqualene cyclases (OSCs). Here, we investigated the role of lupeol synthase, encoded by OSC3, and its product, lupeol, ...