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  • Influence of local soil conditions on mouldboard ploughshare abrasive wear 

    Natsis, A.; Petropoulos, G.; Pandazaras, C. (2008)
    A major problem related to use of tillage equipment is ploughshare wear due to abrasion by soil hard particles, as it seriously affects tillage quality and agricultural production economy. In the present study it is attempted ...
  • Models of reliability for cutting tools: Examples in manufacturing and agricultural engineering 

    Dasic, P.; Natsis, A.; Petropoulos, G. (2008)
    Reliability of machining systems depends to a great extent on the reliability of cutting tool performance with the latter being the weak link due to wear. Soil processing systems have many in common with machining systems ...
  • Transplanting Machine Operation Analysis 

    Natsis, A.; Fountas, S.; Gemtos, T. (2011)
    Transplanting has been used for most vegetables and ornamental plants to achieve better establishment and early maturing of the crops. Manual transplanting is slow and labour intensive. Semiautomatic transplanters are a ...