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  • A familial concurrence of schizophrenia and Gaucher's disease 

    Mouzas, O. D.; Siomos, K. E.; Angelopoulos, N. V. (2007)
    Background: Gaucher's disease (GD) is the most frequently encountered lysosomal storage disease. Here, we describe and discuss the observed concurrence of schizophrenia and Gaucher's disease in two siblings. Methods: ...
  • Insomnia and burnout in Greek Nurses 

    Kousloglou, S. A.; Mouzas, O. D.; Bonotis, K.; Roupa, Z.; Vasilopoulos, A.; Angelopoulos, N. V. (2014)
    Background/Aim: Sleep disturbances and burnout are possibly related to each other, although the exact nature of this relationship is still under investigation. The purpose of the study was to investigate the prevalence of ...
  • Internet Addiction among Greek Adolescent Students 

    Siomos, K. E.; Dafouli, E. D.; Braimiotis, D. A.; Mouzas, O. D.; Angelopoulos, N. V. (2008)
    This research aimed to assess the prevalence of Internet addiction among Greek adolescent students, ages 12 to 18. The sample of 2,200 students was recruited from 120 classes among 85 schools in Thessaly, Greece. The sample ...
  • Munchausen syndrome: A differential diagnostic trap for hand surgeons 

    Zibis, A. H.; Dailiana, Z. H.; Papaliaga, M. N.; Vrangalas, V. A.; Mouzas, O. D.; Malizos, K. N. (2010)
    A 24-year-old woman was referred with an extremely painful, stiff, swollen, and hypersensitive right upper extremity. She had history of four previous operations on the same extremity. The primary diagnosis was complex ...

    Karaoulanis, S. E.; Mouzas, O. D.; Rizoulis, A. A.; Angelopoulos, N. V. (2010)
  • Psychosocial Correlates of Insomnia in An Adolescent Population 

    Siomos, K. E.; Avagianou, P. A.; Floros, G. D.; Skenteris, N.; Mouzas, O. D.; Theodorou, K.; Angelopoulos, N. V. (2010)
    This study examines the nature of the relationship between psychosocial factors and insomnia complaints in an adolescent non-clinical population. It is a cross-sectional study of a stratified sample of 2,195 Greek adolescent ...
  • Quantitative electroencephalography in first schizophreniform episode 

    Papaliaga, M. N.; Hatziefthimiou, A. A.; Mouzas, O. D.; Karatziou, M. A.; Angelopoulos, N. V. (2004)
  • The relationship of parental bonding to depression in patients with chronic pain 

    Avagianou, P. A.; Mouzas, O. D.; Siomos, K. E.; Zafiropoulou, M. (2010)
    Attachment theory is a theory of normal development as well as a theory of psychopathology. Attachment theory and research suggests that different types of parental bonding can be important determinants of illness behaviour, ...