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  • The antiviral response to tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) is comparable in lamivudine (LAM)-naive and LAM-experienced subjects treated for chronic hepatitis B (CHB) 

    Manns, M.; Jeffers, L.; Dalekos, G.; Berg, T.; Trepo, C.; Roberts, S.; Prieto, M.; Rizzetto, M.; Sorbel, J.; Anderson, J.; Mondou, E.; Rousseau, F. (2008)
  • Pegylated interferon-based treatment in patients with advanced liver disease due to chronic delta hepatitis 

    Kabacam, G.; Dalekos, G. N.; Cakaloglu, Y.; Zachou, K.; Bock, T.; Erhardt, A.; Zeuzem, S.; Tabak, F.; Yalcin, K.; Bozdayi, A. M.; Dienes, H. P.; Bozkaya, H.; Manns, M.; Wedemeyer, H.; Yurdaydin, C. (2012)
    Background/aims: The safety and efficacy of interferons in advanced delta hepatitis have not been explored. The aim of this subanalysis of a multi-center clinical trial was to compare the efficacy and safety of 48 weeks ...
  • Role of immunohistochemistry for hepatitis D and hepatitis B virus in hepatitis delta 

    Kabaçam, G.; Wedemeyer, H.; Savaş, B.; Keskin, O.; Dalekos, G.; Tabak, F.; Idilman, R.; Erhardt, A.; Yalçin, K.; Bozdayi, M. A.; Bozkaya, H.; Manns, M.; Dienes, H.; Yurdaydin, C.; Berg, T.; Böcher, W.; Bohle, H.; Buggisch, P.; Cornberg, M.; Ers̈oz, G.; Feyerabend, S.; Hinrichsen, H.; Manok, M.; Häussinger, D.; Herzog, W.; Hofmann, W. P.; Plein, K.; Hardt, H.; Porst, H.; Mederacke, I.; Rigopoulou, E. I.; Sentürk, H.; Wagner, E. K. V. (2014)
    Background & Aims: Immunohistochemical assessment of liver tissue in chronic delta hepatitis (CDH) is underinvestigated. Aim of the study was (i) to assess variables associated with hepatitis D antigen (HDAg), hepatitis B ...

    Manns, M.; Jeffers, L.; Dalekos, G.; Berg, T.; Trepo, C.; Roberts, S.; Prieto, M.; Rizzetto, M.; Marcellin, P.; Heathcote, E. J.; Sorbel, J.; Anderson, J.; Mondou, E.; Rousseau, F. (2009)
  • The state of hepatitis B and C in the mediterranean and balkan countries: Report from a summit conference 

    Hatzakis, A.; Van Damme, P.; Alcorn, K.; Gore, C.; Benazzouz, M.; Berkane, S.; Buti, M.; Carballo, M.; Cortes Martins, H.; Deuffic-Burban, S.; Dominguez, A.; Donoghoe, M.; Elzouki, A. N.; Ben-Alaya Bouafif, N.; Esmat, G.; Esteban, R.; Fabri, M.; Fenton, K.; Goldberg, D.; Goulis, I.; Hadjichristodoulou, T.; Hatzigeorgiou, T.; Hamouda, O.; Hasurdjiev, S.; Hughes, S.; Kautz, A.; Malik, M.; Manolakopoulos, S.; Matičič, M.; Papatheodoridis, G.; Peck, R.; Peterle, A.; Potamitis, G.; Prati, D.; Roudot-Thoraval, F.; Reic, T.; Sharara, A.; Shennak, M.; Shiha, G.; Shouval, D.; Sočan, M.; Thomas, H.; Thursz, M.; Tosti, M.; Trépo, C.; Vince, A.; Vounou, E.; Wiessing, L.; Manns, M. (2013)
    The burden of disease due to chronic viral hepatitis constitutes a global threat. In many Balkan and Mediterranean countries, the disease burden due to viral hepatitis remains largely unrecognized, including in high-risk ...