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  • The effect of soluble surfactants on liquid film flow 

    Georgantaki, A.; Vlachogiannis, M.; Bontozoglou, V. (2012)
    We investigate experimentally the modifications in the dynamics of liquid film flow, resulting from the addition in water of the soluble surfactants iso-propanol (IP) and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS). Recent experiments ...
  • Investigation of various nozzles configurations with respect to IFMIF and liquid walls concepts 

    Kakarantzas, S.; Knaepen, B.; Caby, M.; Benos, L.; Sarris, I.; Pelekasis, N. (2015)
    The study of liquid-metal free surface flows is of great interest in the fusion research, for example in the IFMIF and liquid walls concepts. In the IFMIF project, the main goal is to test candidate metallic materials in ...