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  • Attentional focus training program and soccer skills 

    Papanikolaou, Z.; Nikolaidis, D.; Patsiaouras, A.; Lazou, A. (2004)
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of an attentional focus training program (AFTP) on improvement in soccer ability of young male soccer players at two age levels. The subjects for the study (N=40) ...
  • Experimental Cardiac Hypertrophy Induced by Oral Administration of Mineralocorticoid and Saline in Rats 

    Voucharas, C.; Tagarakis, G.; Lazou, A.; Triposkiadis, F.; Tsilimingas, N. (2012)
    We suggest a new, easily applicable way of myocardial hypertrophy induction in rats. Forty randomized age-matched male Wistar rats were divided into 2 groups of 20 each: a control group and an orally administered ...
  • Remote preconditioning in normal and hypertrophic rat hearts 

    Voucharas, C.; Lazou, A.; Triposkiadis, F.; Tsilimingas, N. (2011)
    Background: The aim of our study was to investigate whether remote preconditioning (RPC) improves myocardial function after ischemia/reperfusion injury in both normal and hypertrophic isolated rat hearts. This is the first ...