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  • Adrenomedullin refines mortality prediction by the BODE index in COPD: the "BODE-A" index 

    Stolz, D.; Kostikas, K.; Blasi, F.; Boersma, W.; Milenkovic, B.; Lacoma, A.; Louis, R.; Aerts, J. G.; Welte, T.; Torres, A.; Rohde, G. G. U.; Boeck, L.; Rakic, J.; Scherr, A.; Hertel, S.; Giersdorf, S.; Tamm, M. (2014)
    The BODE (body mass index, airflow obstruction, dyspnoea, exercise capacity) index is well-validated for mortality prediction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Concentrations of plasma pro-adrenomedullin, a ...
  • Exertional Hypoxemia in Stable COPD Is Common and Predicted by Circulating Proadrenomedullin 

    Stolz, D.; Boersma, W.; Blasi, F.; Louis, R.; Milenkovic, B.; Kostikas, K.; Aerts, J. G.; Rohde, G.; Lacoma, A.; Rakic, J.; Boeck, L.; Castellotti, P.; Scherr, A.; Marin, A.; Hertel, S.; Giersdorf, S.; Torres, A.; Welte, T.; Tamm, M. (2014)
    BACKGROUND: The prevalence of exertional hypoxemia in unselected patients with COPD is unknown. Intermittent hypoxia leads to adrenomedullin (ADM) upregulation through the hypoxia-inducible factor-1 pathway. We aimed to ...