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  • Management of protein intake in the fruit fly Anastrepha fraterculus 

    Oviedo, A.; Nestel, D.; Papadopoulos, N. T.; Ruiz, M. J.; Prieto, S. C.; Willink, E.; Vera, M. T. (2011)
    This work tested if carbohydrates and proteins ingestion is regulated in the South American fruit fly, Anastrepha fraterculus, to optimize survival and reproduction. Adult food treatments were established by providing sugar ...
  • Social interactions regulate resource utilization in a Tephritidae fruit fly 

    Zur, T.; Nemny-Lavy, E.; Papadopoulos, N. T.; Nestel, D. (2009)
    Previous studies have suggested that social interactions (e.g., the actions and reactions elicited by the interaction of co-specific individuals) induce individual fruit flies (Tephritidae) to ingest more food, especially ...