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  • The Biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea: Estimates, Patterns, and Threats 

    Coll, M.; Piroddi, C.; Steenbeek, J.; Kaschner, K.; Lasram, F. B.; Aguzzi, J.; Ballesteros, E.; Bianchi, C. N.; Corbera, J.; Dailianis, T.; Danovaro, R.; Estrada, M.; Froglia, C.; Galil, B. S.; Gasol, J. M.; Gertwagen, R.; Gil, J.; Guilhaumon, F.; Kesner-Reyes, K.; Kitsos, M. S.; Koukouras, A.; Lampadariou, N.; Laxamana, E.; de la Cuadra, Cmlf; Lotze, H. K.; Martin, D.; Mouillot, D.; Oro, D.; Raicevich, S.; Rius-Barile, J.; Saiz-Salinas, J. I.; San Vicente, C.; Somot, S.; Templado, J.; Turon, X.; Vafidis, D.; Villanueva, R.; Voultsiadou, E. (2010)
    The Mediterranean Sea is a marine biodiversity hot spot. Here we combined an extensive literature analysis with expert opinions to update publicly available estimates of major taxa in this marine ecosystem and to revise ...
  • Ranking and classification of fishing areas using fuzzy models and techniques 

    Sylaios, G. K.; Koutroumanidis, T.; Tsikliras, A. C. (2010)
    P>Fuzzy-logic-based methods and fuzzy logic formalism have been demonstrated as appropriate to address the uncertainty and subjectivity in complex environmental problems. This study investigates the use of three fuzzy logic ...