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  • The canine copper toxicosis gene MURR1 is not implicated in the pathogenesis of Wilson disease 

    Lovicu, M.; Dessi, V.; Lepori, M. B.; Zappu, A.; Zancan, L.; Giacchino, R.; Marazzi, M. G.; Iorio, R.; Vegnente, A.; Vajro, P.; Maggiore, G.; Marcellini, M.; Barbera, C.; Kostic, V.; Farci, A. M. G.; Solinas, A.; Altuntas, B.; Yuce, A.; Kocak, N.; Tsezou, A.; De Virgiliis, S.; Cao, A.; Loudianos, G. (2006)
    Background. It has recently been demonstrated that the Wilson disease (WD) protein directly interacts with the human homolog of the MURR1 protein in vitro and in vivo, and that this interaction is specific for the copper ...
  • On the choice of parameters in MAOR type splitting methods for the linear complementarity problem 

    Cvetkovic, L.; Hadjidimos, A.; Kostic, V. (2014)
    In the present work we consider the iterative solution of the Linear Complementarity Problem (LCP), with a nonsingular H (+) coefficient matrix A, by using all modulus-based matrix splitting iterative methods that have ...