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  • Assessment of Oxidative Stress in Septic and Obese Patients Using Markers of Oxidation-reduction Potential 

    Spanidis, Y.; Goutzourelas, N.; Stagos, D.; Kolyva, A. S.; Gogos, C. A.; Bar-Or, D.; Kouretas, D. (2015)
    Background/ Aim: The novel static (sORP) and capacity (cORP) oxidation-reduction potential markers were examined for assessing oxidative stress in plasma of patients with sepsis. Moreover, the possible effect of obesity-induced ...
  • The role of obesity in the immune response during sepsis 

    Kolyva, A. S.; Zolota, V.; Mpatsoulis, D.; Skroubis, G.; Solomou, E. E.; Habeos, I. G.; Assimakopoulos, S. F.; Goutzourelas, N.; Kouretas, D.; Gogos, C. A. (2014)
    BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Sepsis is one of the most important causes of mortality in the developed world, where almost two-thirds of the population suffer from obesity. Therefore, the coexistence of both conditions has become ...