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  • Liver gene therapy: Will gene therapy deliver to the liver patient? 

    Levicar, N.; Jiao, L.; Bachellier, Ph; Zaharoulis, D.; Jaeck, D.; Helmy, S.; Salama, H.; Nicholls, J.; Jensen, S.; Habib, N. A. (2006)
    The gene therapy dream started well over a decade ago. Despite its wide and successful application in research, it still has not reached the clinics in a meaningful way. No doubt that successful gene therapy has a lot to ...
  • Minimally invasive and selective hydrodynamic gene therapy of liver segments in the pig and human 

    Khorsandi, S. E.; Bachellier, P.; Weber, J. C.; Greget, M.; Jaeck, D.; Zacharoulis, D.; Rountas, C.; Helmy, S.; Helmy, A.; Al-Waracky, M.; Salama, H.; Jiao, L.; Nicholls, J.; Davies, A. J.; Levicar, N.; Jensen, S.; Habib, N. (2008)
    This paper highlights our experience of the transfer of hydrodynamic gene therapy (HGT) from the large animal, the pig, into clinical practice. The modification of balloon catheters and the development of a minimally ...