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  • Advances in truck scheduling at a cross dock facility 

    Golias, M. M.; Saharidis, G. K. D.; Ivey, S.; Haralambides, H. E. (2013)
    In this paper the authors deal with the scheduling of inbound and outbound trucks to the available inbound and outbound doors at a cross dock facility. They assume that all trucks served at the facility need to meet several ...
  • Continuous replica placement schemes in distributed systems 

    Loukopoulos, T.; Lampsas, P.; Ahmad, I. (2005)
    The Replica Placement Problem (RPP) aims at creating a set of duplicated data objects across the nodes of a distributed system in order to optimize certain criteria. Typically, RPP formulations fall into two categories: ...
  • Flight and Maintenance Planning of Military Aircraft for Maximum Fleet Availability 

    Kozanidis, G.; Liberopoulos, G.; Pitsilkas, C. (2010)
    Every aircraft, military or civilian, must be grounded for maintenance after it has completed a certain number of flight hours since its last maintenance check. Flight and maintenance planning (FMP) of military aircraft ...