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  • A 2.45GHz power harvesting circuit in 90nm CMOS 

    Giannakas, G.; Plessas, F.; Nassopoulos, G.; Stamoulis, G. (2010)
    In this work, an overview of the state-of-the-art of the design techniques of power harvesting (rectifYing) circuits is presented. The evolution of each circuit, the advantages and design constraints, are investigated and ...
  • Improving application availability in wireless sensor networks with energy-harvesting capability 

    Rentifis, I.; Tziritas, N.; Lampsas, P.; Lalis, S.; Loukopoulos, T. (2012)
    We assume a wireless sensor and actuator network with nodes that can harvest energy from the environment, and an application deployed in this network, which is structured as a set of cooperating mobile components that can ...
  • New insights from the Biokenaf Project 

    Alexopoulou, E.; Cosentino, S. L.; Danalatos, N.; Picco, D.; Lips, S.; van den Berg, D.; Fernando, A. L.; Monti, A.; Tenorio, J. L.; Kipriotis, E.; Cadoux, S.; Cook, S. (2013)
    This chapter summarizes the most important achievements of the European research project entitled "BIOKENAF-Biomass Production Chain and Growth Simulation Model for Kenaf" ( that carried out for ...