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  • Discrimination and perception of the acoustic rendition of texts by blind people 

    Argyropoulos, V.; Papadopoulos, K.; Kouroupetroglou, G.; Xydas, G.; Katsoulis, P. (2007)
    This paper reports on the results from a series of psychoacoustic experiments in the field of the auditory representation of texts via synthetic speech which comprise similar acoustic patterns so called "paronyms". The ...
  • "SEE and SEE": An educational tool for hard of hearing children 

    Petrantonakis, P.; Kosmidou, V.; Nikolaraizi, M.; Koutsogiorgou, S.; Hadjileontiadis, L. J. (2008)
    An educational software, namely "SEE and SEE", that aims to enhance literacy skills of deaf or hard of hearing children is presented in this paper. The proposed computer-based educational environment, takes into account ...
  • Statistical data mining of streaming motion data for fall detection in assistive environments 

    Tasoulis, S. K.; Doukas, C. N.; Maglogiannis, I.; Plagianakos, V. P. (2011)
    The analysis of human motion data is interesting for the purpose of activity recognition or emergency event detection, especially in the case of elderly or disabled people living independently in their homes. Several ...