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  • Habib EndoHPB: A Novel Endobiliary Radiofrequency Ablation Device. An Experimental Study 

    Zacharoulis, D.; Lazoura, O.; Sioka, E.; Potamianos, S.; Tzovaras, G.; Nicholls, J.; Koukoulis, G.; Habib, N. (2013)
    Background: The Habib EndoHPB is a bipolar radiofrequency (RF) catheter developed to be introduced across malignant strictures of the bile ducts, so that RF energy can locally ablate the tumor prior to stent placement. ...
  • Minimal invasive technique for gene delivery in porcine liver lobe segment 

    Katsimpoulas, M.; Zacharoulis, D.; Rountas, C.; Dimitriou, C.; Mantziaras, G.; Kostomitsopoulos, N.; Habib, N.; Kostakis, A. (2011)
    Introduction: The feasibility and outcome of large volume injection of gene solution in a segment of a liver lobe, without backflow, were studied in a porcine model, using a custom-designed balloon catheter. Method: Eight ...
  • Minimally invasive and selective hydrodynamic gene therapy of liver segments in the pig and human 

    Khorsandi, S. E.; Bachellier, P.; Weber, J. C.; Greget, M.; Jaeck, D.; Zacharoulis, D.; Rountas, C.; Helmy, S.; Helmy, A.; Al-Waracky, M.; Salama, H.; Jiao, L.; Nicholls, J.; Davies, A. J.; Levicar, N.; Jensen, S.; Habib, N. (2008)
    This paper highlights our experience of the transfer of hydrodynamic gene therapy (HGT) from the large animal, the pig, into clinical practice. The modification of balloon catheters and the development of a minimally ...
  • A Novel Experimental Animal Model of Arterial Stenosis Based on Endovascular Radiofrequency Energy Application 

    Lazoura, O.; Zacharoulis, D.; Kanavou, T.; Rountas, C.; Katsimboulas, M.; Tzovaras, G.; Habib, N. (2011)
    Purpose: To develop a new rabbit model of arterial stenosis using endovascular radiofrequency (RF) energy. Materials and Methods: Ten rabbits were used for multiple endovascular RF applications to the aorta and left common ...
  • Radiofrequency ablation of liver colorectal metastases 

    Tracey, J.; Dimarakis, J.; Zacharoulis, D.; Anderson, J.; Tait, P.; Jiao, L.; Habib, N. (2006)
    Those diseases which medicines do not cure, iron (the knife?) cures; those which iron cannot cure, fire cures; and those which fire cannot cure, are to be reckoned wholly incurable. © 2006 Springer-Verlag/Wien.
  • Three dimensional (3D) computed tomography images reconstruction in liver surgery 

    Damrah, O.; Canelo, R.; Zacharoulis, D.; Tait, P.; Jiao, L. R.; Habib, N. (2006)
    Advancement in radiological imaging technique has been crucial in the development of most of the surgical fields. Planning for operations needs good visualization of the organ and localization of the lesion within it, which ...