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  • Anti-SLA/LP alone or in combination with anti-Ro52 and fine specificity of anti-Ro52 antibodies in patients with autoimmune hepatitis 

    Zachou, K.; Gampeta, S.; Gatselis, N. K.; Oikonomou, K.; Goulis, J.; Manoussakis, M. N.; Renaudineau, Y.; Bogdanos, D. P.; Dalekos, G. N. (2015)
    Background & AimsAntibodies (Abs) to soluble liver antigen/liver pancreas (anti-SLA/LP) are considered markers of worse prognosis and outcome in patients with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) although this assumption has recently ...
  • Sleep-disordered breathing in 3,680 Greek children 

    Kaditis, A. G.; Finder, J.; Alexopoulos, E. I.; Starantzis, K.; Tanou, K.; Gampeta, S.; Agorogiannis, E.; Christodoulou, S.; Pantazidou, A.; Gourgoulianis, K.; Molyvdas, P. A. (2004)
    The goal of the present investigation was to describe the prevalence of and clinical factors associated with sleep-disordered breathing in children and adolescents. Children and adolescents (3,680 in all, 1-18 years old) ...