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  • Navigated DENSE strain imaging for post-radiofrequency ablation lesion assessment in the swine left atria 

    Schmidt, E. J.; Fung, M. M.; Ciris, P. A.; Song, T.; Shankaranarayanan, A.; Holmvang, G.; Gupta, S. N.; Chaput, M.; Levine, R. A.; Ruskin, J.; Reddy, V. Y.; D'Avila, A.; Aletras, A. H.; Danik, S. B. (2014)
    Aims Prior work has demonstrated that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) strain can separate necrotic/stunned myocardium from healthy myocardium in the left ventricle (LV). We surmised that high-resolution MRI strain, using ...