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  • Association between physical properties of cervical mucus and ovulation rate in superovulated cows 

    Tsiligianni, T.; Amiridis, G. S.; Dovolou, E.; Menegatos, I.; Chadio, S.; Rizos, D.; Gutierrez-Adan, A. (2011)
    Possible associations between certain physical properties of cervical mucus (CM) and ovulation rate were studied in 21 superovulated Holstein cows. In CM samples collected at the beginning of estrus (0 h) and in 4 h intervals ...
  • The role of gonadotropins in the follicular phase 

    Messinis, I. E.; Messini, C. I.; Dafopoulos, K. (2010)
    Folliculogenesis in humans is a lengthy process that involves several regulators. Pituitary gonadotropins play crucial roles in the late stages, particularly in the last 15 days of follicle maturation. During the intercycle ...
  • Synchronization of ovulation and fixed time intrauterine insemination in ewes 

    Deligiannis, C.; Valasi, I.; Rekkas, C. A.; Goulas, P.; Theodosiadou, E.; Lainas, T.; Amiridis, G. S. (2005)
    A novel method for oestrus-ovulation synchronization in sheep followed by fixed time insemination is presented herewith. Mature dry ewes (n = 28) of Karagouniko breed being at an unknown stage of the oestrous cycle, were ...