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  • Assessment of cross-reactivity among five species of house dust and storage mites 

    Saridomichelakis, M. N.; Marsella, R.; Lee, K. W.; Esch, R. E.; Farmaki, R.; Koutinas, A. F. (2008)
    In vitro cross-reactivity among two house dust (Dermatophagoides farinae, D. pteronyssinus) and three storage (Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, Lepidoglyphus destructor) mites was examined in 20 mite-sensitive dogs ...
  • Dust mite species in the households of mite-sensitive dogs with atopic dermatitis 

    Farmaki, R.; Saridomichelakis, M. N.; Leontides, L.; Papazahariadou, M. G.; Gioulekas, D.; Koutinas, A. F. (2012)
    Background The presence of important house dust and storage mite species in the microenvironment of atopic dogs has not been thoroughly investigated. Objectives To compare the presence and population of five dust mite ...