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  • Characterization of 23 small supernumerary marker chromosomes detected at pre-natal diagnosis: The value of fluorescence in situ hybridization 

    Manolakos, E.; Kefalas, K.; Neroutsou, R.; Lagou, M.; Kosyakova, N.; Ewers, E.; Ziegler, M.; Weise, A.; Tsoplou, P.; Rapti, S. M.; Papoulidis, I.; Anastasakis, E.; Garas, A.; Sotiriou, S.; Eleftheriades, M.; Peitsidis, P.; Malathrakis, D.; Thomaidis, L.; Kitsos, G.; Orru, S.; Liehr, T.; Petersen, M. B.; Kitsiou-Tzeli, S. (2010)
    Small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMCs) cannot be identified or characterized unambiguously by conventional cytogenetic banding techniques. Until recently, the large variety of marker chromosomes, as well as the ...
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    Kitsiou-Tzeli, S.; Manolakos, E.; Lagou, M.; Kontodiou, M.; Kosyakova, N.; Ewers, E.; Weise, A.; Garas, A.; Orru, S.; Liehr, T.; Metaxotou, A. (2009)
    Background: The heterogeneous group of small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMCs) presents serious counseling problems, especially if they are present de novo and diagnosed prenatally. The incidence has been estimated ...