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  • Design considerations for application of SiPMs in nuclear imaging 

    Efthimiou, N.; Argyropoulos, G.; Georgiou, M.; Fysikopoulos, E.; David, S.; Loudos, G.; Panayiotakis, G. (2010)
    Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors are attractive candidates for the replacement of Photomultipliers in nuclear imaging. They are compact, provide high gain with low Vbias and have fast response. In addition, SiPMs ...
  • Evaluation of an imaging gamma probe based on R8900U-00-C12 PSPMT 

    Georgiou, M.; David, S.; Papadimitroulas, P.; Fysikopoulos, E.; Bregou, A.; Loudos, G.; Georgoulias, P. (2012)
    In this study we present the construction and the evaluation of a gamma probe based on a R8900U-00-C12 position sensitive photomultiplier tube coupled to a pixelated CsI(Tl) crystal array with 2mm x 2mm x 3mm crystal ...
  • Initial results on SiPM array based on a symmetric resistive voltage division readout 

    David, S.; Georgiou, M.; Fysikopoulos, E.; Efthimiou, N.; Paipais, T.; Kefalidis, L.; Loudos, G. (2012)
    The aim of this study is to design and apply a symmetric resistive voltage division matrix to read out the compact silicon photomultiplier array (SPMArray2 by SensL) photodetector for possible applications as gamma or PET ...