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  • Economic fluctuations and political self-placement 

    Economou, A.; Gavroglou, S.; Kollias, C. (2013)
    This paper examines whether economic conditions affect citizens' political self-placement on the left-right scale of the political spectrum. A cohort of factors influence and determine such self-placements by citizens ...

    Economou, A.; Theodossiou, I. (2011)
    This study evaluates the effect of the individual's household income on their health at the later stages of working life. A structural equation model is utilized in order to derive a composite and continuous index of the ...
  • Quantitative Proteomics of Hypertrophic Chondrocytes in Osteoarthritis 

    Tsolis, K.; Papathanasiou, I.; Kostopoulou, F.; Gkretsi, V.; Mpei, E. S.; Kalatzaki, K.; Zerbakis, M.; Malizos, K.; Tsezou, A.; Economou, A. (2014)
  • Renal cancer in the elderly 

    Moutzouris, G.; Economou, A. (2011)
    The incidence of renal cell cancer is increasing worldwide. The longevity of the population is also increasing in the Western part of the world, and consequently, we are faced with more elderly patients harboring renal ...
  • A survey of safety and health at work in Greece 

    Drakopoulos, S.; Economou, A.; Grimani, K. (2012)
    Purpose - The subject of occupational safety and health (OSH) is increasingly gaining the interest of policy makers and researchers in European countries given that the economic and social losses from work-related injuries ...
  • The temporary and permanent effects of unemployment on mortality in Europe 

    Bender, K. A.; Economou, A.; Theodossiou, I. (2013)
    Recent research on the relationship between unemployment and mortality is inconsistent. The statistical methodology used in this study decomposes the effect of unemployment on mortality into temporary and permanent effects ...
  • Terrorism and Political Self-Placement in European Union Countries 

    Economou, A.; Kollias, C. (2015)
    Studies have shown that citizens' risk-perceptions and risk-assessment are affected by large scale terrorist acts. Reported evidence shows that individuals are often willing to trade-off civil liberties for enhanced security ...