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  • Differential display of m-RNAs in fish gonads by modified DD-PCR 

    Dakis, D.; Kouretas, D. (2002)
    In a previous report we presented a modification of the original Differential Display PCR technique using a single oligo (dT) primer for the reverse transcription reaction (instead of the various oligo (dT)NM primers that ...
  • Lung function in Gypsies in Greece 

    Gourgoulianis, K. I.; Tsoutsou, P.; Fotiadou, N.; Samaras, K.; Dakis, D.; Molyvdas, P. A. (2000)
    The relationship between lung function and smoking acid dietary habits was examined in 121 Gypsies (62 males, 59 females) who were 14-70 y of age and who lived in Greece. All were examined clinically, after which they all ...