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  • Aminoglycoside-resistant staphylococci in Greece: prevalence and resistance mechanisms 

    Liakopoulos, A.; Foka, A.; Vourli, S.; Zerva, L.; Tsiapara, F.; Protonotariou, E.; Dailiana, Z.; Economou, M.; Papoutsidou, E.; Koutsia-Carouzou, C.; Anastassiou, E. D.; Diza, E.; Zintzaras, E.; Spiliopoulou, I.; Petinaki, E. (2011)
  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using the Bio-TransFix femoral fixation device and anteromedial portal technique 

    Hantes, M. E.; Dailiana, Z.; Zachos, V. C.; Varitimidis, S. E. (2006)
    The cross-pin femoral fixation technique for soft tissue grafts is a popular option in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. One of these devices is the Bio-TransFix (Arthrex Inc., Naples, FL, USA) which provides ...
  • Assessment of gene-by-sex interaction effect on bone mineral density 

    Liu, C. T.; Estrada, K.; Yerges-Armstrong, L. M.; Amin, N.; Evangelou, E.; Li, G.; Minster, R. L.; Carless, M. A.; Kammerer, C. M.; Oei, L.; Zhou, Y. H.; Alonso, N.; Dailiana, Z.; Eriksson, J.; Garcia-Giralt, N.; Giroux, S.; Husted, L. B.; Khusainova, R. I.; Koromila, T.; Kung, A. W.; Lewis, J. R.; Masi, L.; Mencej-Bedrac, S.; Nogues, X.; Patel, M. S.; Prezelj, J.; Richards, J. B.; Sham, P. C.; Spector, T.; Vandenput, L.; Xiao, S. M.; Zheng, H. F.; Zhu, K.; Balcells, S.; Brandi, M. L.; Frost, M.; Goltzman, D.; Gonzalez-Macias, J.; Karlsson, M.; Khusnutdinova, E. K.; Kollia, P.; Langdahl, B. L.; Ljunggren, O.; Lorentzon, M.; Marc, J.; Mellstroem, D.; Ohlsson, C.; Olmos, J. M.; Ralston, S. H.; Riancho, J. A.; Rousseau, F.; Urreizti, R.; Van Hul, W.; Zarrabeitia, M. T.; Castano-Betancourt, M.; Demissie, S.; Grundberg, E.; Herrera, L.; Kwan, T.; Medina-Gomez, C.; Pastinen, T.; Sigurdsson, G.; Thorleifsson, G.; VanMeurs, J. B. J.; Blangero, J.; Hofman, A.; Liu, Y. M.; Mitchell, B. D.; O'Connell, J. R.; Oostra, B. A.; Rotter, J. I.; Stefansson, K.; Streeten, E. A.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Thorsteinsdottir, U.; Tylavsky, F. A.; Uitterlinden, A.; Cauley, J. A.; Harris, T. B.; Ioannidis, J. P. A.; Psaty, B. M.; Robbins, J. A.; Zillikens, M. C.; VanDuijn, C. M.; Prince, R. L.; Karasik, D.; Rivadeneira, F.; Kiel, D. P.; Cupples, L. A.; Hsu, Y. H. (2012)
    Sexual dimorphism in various bone phenotypes, including bone mineral density (BMD), is widely observed; however, the extent to which genes explain these sex differences is unclear. To identify variants with different effects ...
  • Bone morphogenetic protein mRNA expression in human periosteum during fracture healing 

    Chassanidis, C. G.; Samara, S.; Koromila, T.; Varitimidis, S.; Dailiana, Z.; Malizos, K.; Kollia, P. (2008)
  • Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) expression in the femoral heads of patients with avascular necrosis 

    Samara, S.; Dailiana, Z.; Varitimidis, S.; Chassanidis, C.; Koromila, T.; Malizos, K. N.; Kollia, P. (2013)
    Avascular necrosis (AVN) is a disorder of the bone repair process which usually results in femoral head (FH) destruction. Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are the key proteins regulating bone remodelling and healing. ...
  • CER1 gene variations associated with bone mineral density, bone markers, and early menopause in postmenopausal women 

    Koromila, T.; Georgoulias, P.; Dailiana, Z.; Ntzani, E. E.; Samara, S.; Chassanidis, C.; Aleporou-Marinou, V.; Kollia, P. (2013)
    Background: Osteoporosis has a multifactorial pathogenesis characterized by a combination of low bone mass and increased fragility. In our study, we focused on the effects of polymorphisms in CER1 and DKK1 genes, recently ...
  • A comparison of early versus delayed repair of traumatic rotator cuff tears 

    Hantes, M. E.; Karidakis, G. K.; Vlychou, M.; Varitimidis, S.; Dailiana, Z.; Malizos, K. N. (2011)
    Purpose The purpose of this study was to compare the clinical and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results between early and delayed operative treatment in patients with traumatic rotator cuff tears (RCT). Methods Thirty-five ...
  • Elimination of motion and pulsation artifacts using BLADE sequences in shoulder MR imaging 

    Lavdas, E.; Vlychou, M.; Zaloni, E.; Vassiou, K.; Tsagkalis, A.; Dailiana, Z.; Fezoulidis, I. (2015)
    Objectives: To evaluate the ability of proton-density with fat-suppression BLADE (proprietary name for periodically rotated overlapping parallel lines with enhanced reconstruction in MR systems from Siemens Healthcare, ...
  • Erratum: MR imaging findings in transient osteoporosis of the hip (European Journal of Radiology (2004) (238-244) DOI: 10.1016/j.ejrad.2004.01.020) 

    Malizos, K. N.; Zibis, A. H.; Dailiana, Z.; Hantes, M.; Karachalios, T.; Karantanas, A. H. (2005)
  • Expression profile of osteoprotegerin, RANK and RANKL genes in the femoral head of patients with avascular necrosis 

    Samara, S.; Dailiana, Z.; Chassanidis, C.; Koromila, T.; Papatheodorou, L.; Malizos, K. N.; Kollia, P. (2014)
    Introduction: Femoral head avascular necrosis (AVN) is a recalcitrant disease of the hip that leads to joint destruction. Osteoprotegerin (OPG), Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor kappa-B (RANK) and RANK ligand (RANKL) ...
  • Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 56 bone mineral density loci and reveals 14 loci associated with risk of fracture 

    Estrada, K.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Evangelou, E.; Hsu, Y. H.; Duncan, E. L.; Ntzani, E. E.; Oei, L.; Albagha, O. M. E.; Amin, N.; Kemp, J. P.; Koller, D. L.; Li, G.; Liu, C. T.; Minster, R. L.; Moayyeri, A.; Vandenput, L.; Willner, D.; Xiao, S. M.; Yerges-Armstrong, L. M.; Zheng, H. F.; Alonso, N.; Eriksson, J.; Kammerer, C. M.; Kaptoge, S. K.; Leo, P. J.; Thorleifsson, G.; Wilson, S. G.; Wilson, J. F.; Aalto, V.; Alen, M.; Aragaki, A. K.; Aspelund, T.; Center, J. R.; Dailiana, Z.; Duggan, D. J.; Garcia, M.; Garcia-Giralt, N.; Giroux, S.; Hallmans, G.; Hocking, L. J.; Husted, L. B.; Jameson, K. A.; Khusainova, R.; Kim, G. S.; Kooperberg, C.; Koromila, T.; Kruk, M.; Laaksonen, M.; Lacroix, A. Z.; Lee, S. H.; Leung, P. C.; Lewis, J. R.; Masi, L.; Mencej-Bedrac, S.; Nguyen, T. V.; Nogues, X.; Patel, M. S.; Prezelj, J.; Rose, L. M.; Scollen, S.; Siggeirsdottir, K.; Smith, A. V.; Svensson, O.; Trompet, S.; Trummer, O.; van Schoor, N. M.; Woo, J.; Zhu, K.; Balcells, S.; Brandi, M. L.; Buckley, B. M.; Cheng, S. L.; Christiansen, C.; Cooper, C.; Dedoussis, G.; Ford, I.; Frost, M.; Goltzman, D.; Gonzalez-Macias, J.; Kahonen, M.; Karlsson, M.; Khusnutdinova, E.; Koh, J. M.; Kollia, P.; Langdahl, B. L.; Leslie, W. D.; Lips, P.; Ljunggren, O.; Lorenc, R. S.; Marc, J.; Mellstrom, D.; Obermayer-Pietsch, B.; Olmos, J. M.; Pettersson-Kymmer, U.; Reid, D. M.; Riancho, J. A.; Ridker, P. M.; Rousseau, F.; Slagboom, P. E.; Tang, N. L. S.; Urreizti, R.; Van Hul, W.; Viikari, J.; Zarrabeitia, M. T.; Aulchenko, Y. S.; Castano-Betancourt, M.; Grundberg, E.; Herrera, L.; Ingvarsson, T.; Johannsdottir, H.; Kwan, T.; Li, R.; Luben, R.; Medina-Gomez, C.; Palsson, S. T.; Reppe, S.; Rotter, J. I.; Sigurdsson, G.; van Meurs, J. B. J.; Verlaan, D.; Williams, F. M. K.; Wood, A. R.; Zhou, Y. H.; Gautvik, K. M.; Pastinen, T.; Raychaudhuri, S.; Cauley, J. A.; Chasman, D. I.; Clark, G. R.; Cummings, S. R.; Danoy, P.; Dennison, E. M.; Eastell, R.; Eisman, J. A.; Gudnason, V.; Hofman, A.; Jackson, R. D.; Jones, G.; Jukema, J. W.; Khaw, K. T.; Lehtimaki, T.; Liu, Y. M.; Lorentzon, M.; McCloskey, E.; Mitchell, B. D.; Nandakumar, K.; Nicholson, G. C.; Oostra, B. A.; Peacock, M.; Pols, H. A. P.; Prince, R. L.; Raitakari, O.; Reid, I. R.; Robbins, J.; Sambrook, P. N.; Sham, P. C.; Shuldiner, A. R.; Tylavsky, F. A.; van Duijn, C. M.; Wareham, N. J.; Cupples, L. A.; Econs, M. J.; Evans, D. M.; Harris, T. B.; Kung, A. W. C.; Psaty, B. M.; Reeve, J.; Spector, T. D.; Streeten, E. A.; Zillikens, M. C.; Thorsteinsdottir, U.; Ohlsson, C.; Karasik, D.; Richards, J. B.; Brown, M. A.; Stefansson, K.; Uitterlinden, A. G.; Ralston, S. H.; Ioannidis, J. P. A.; Kiel, D. P.; Rivadeneira, F. (2012)
    Bone mineral density (BMD) is the most widely used predictor of fracture risk. We performed the largest meta-analysis to date on lumbar spine and femoral neck BMD, including 17 genome-wide association studies and 32,961 ...
  • In Reply 

    Dailiana, Z.; Malizos, K. N.; Koutalos, A. (2014)
  • An innovative e-health network for collaboration on emergency cases 

    Ilioudis, C.; Fevgas, A.; Theodorou, K.; Malizos, K.; Dailiana, Z. (2010)
    This paper discusses a collaborative and innovative e-health system called EMOSNet, for the support of medical decision making in the case of amputated or mangled extremities. The goal of the proposed system is to provide ...
  • Modeling chondrocyte response using systems biology and biomechanics approach 

    Alexopoulos, L. G.; Chatzopoulou, E.; Sakellaropoulos, T.; Samara, S.; Katopodi, T.; Melas, I. N.; Tzeranis, D.; Dailiana, Z.; Kollia, P. (2014)
  • Modeling of signaling pathways in chondrocytes based on phosphoproteomic and cytokine release data 

    Melas, I. N.; Chairakaki, A. D.; Chatzopoulou, E. I.; Messinis, D. E.; Katopodi, T.; Pliaka, V.; Samara, S.; Mitsos, A.; Dailiana, Z.; Kollia, P.; Alexopoulos, L. G. (2014)
    Objective: Chondrocyte signaling is widely identified as a key component in cartilage homeostasis. Dysregulations of the signaling processes in chondrocytes often result in degenerative diseases of the tissue. Traditionally, ...
  • MR imaging findings in transient osteoporosis of the hip 

    Malizos, K. N.; Zibis, A. H.; Dailiana, Z.; Hantes, M.; Karahalios, T.; Karantanas, A. H. (2004)
    Purpose: The authors sought to describe the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging findings including perfusion imaging, in association with the course of acute bone marrow oedema syndrome (aBMEs), in a group of patients with ...
  • Novel Sequence Variations in the CER1 Gene Are Strongly Associated with Low Bone Mineral Density and Risk of Osteoporotic Fracture in Postmenopausal Women 

    Koromila, T.; Dailiana, Z.; Samara, S.; Chassanidis, C.; Tzavara, C.; Patrinos, G. P.; Aleporou-Marinou, V.; Kollia, P. (2012)
    Osteoporosis is a common skeletal disease characterized by a combination of low bone mass and increased fragility. In this case-control study, we investigated the possible association of two novel candidate genes, CER1 and ...
  • Potential aetiological factors concerning the development of osteonecrosis of the femoral head 

    Zalavras, C.; Dailiana, Z.; Elisaf, M.; Bairaktari, E.; Vlachogiannopoulos, P.; Katsaraki, A.; Malizos, K. N. (2000)
    Background The aetiology and pathogenesis of non-traumatic osteonecrosis (ON) of the femoral head have not been fully elucidated. The present study was conducted to evaluate the possible correlation of relevant haematological ...
  • Predictive role of cytokine gene polymorphisms for the development of femoral head osteonecrosis 

    Samara, S.; Kollia, P.; Dailiana, Z.; Chassanidis, C.; Papatheodorou, L.; Koromila, T.; Malizos, K. N. (2012)
    Introduction: Osteonecrosis (ON) is a multifactorial disease that leads to hip destruction. Lately, much focus has been at femoral head preservation with nonsurgical methods. In this study we examined the polymorphisms of ...
  • The role of MR imaging in scaphoid disorders 

    Karantanas, A.; Dailiana, Z.; Malizos, K. (2007)
    The scaphoid bone of the wrist is one of the most commonly fractured bones in the body. Due to its importance in the biomechanics and functionality of the wrist, it is important to depict and characterize the type of injury. ...