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  • Diabetes mellitus vs. Raynaud disease: Different lung vascular bed disorders 

    Boulbou, M. S.; Gourgoulianis, K. I.; Krommydas, G. C.; Klisiaris, V. K.; Arseniou, A. A.; Dafopoulos, K. C.; Molyvdas, P. A. (2002)
    Background. In type 11 diabetes mellitus there are few data concerning pulmonary function abnormalities. In normal subjects and in patients with primary Raynaud phenomenon, cold pressor test induces a decrease in carbon ...
  • FSH and LH responses to GnRH after ovariectomy in postmenopausal women 

    Dafopoulos, K. C.; Kotsovassilis, C. P.; Milingos, S. D.; Kallitsaris, A. T.; Georgadakis, G. S.; Sotiros, P. G.; Messinis, I. E. (2004)
    OBJECTIVE Whether the postmenopausal ovary is still playing a role in the control of gonadotrophin secretion in response to GnRH has not been investigated. The aim of the present study was to test this hypothesis by examining ...