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  • Caregivers' attachment patterns and their interactions with cancer patients' patterns 

    Tsilika, E.; Parpa, E.; Zygogianni, A.; Kouloulias, V.; Mystakidou, K. (2015)
    To provide a brief review of the empirical literature regarding the attachment style of the cancer patients' caregivers as well as the link between attachment, caregiving, and care-receiving behaviors are defined. An ...
  • Diagnostic significance of behaviour changes of sheep: A selected review 

    Gougoulis, D. A.; Kyriazakis, I.; Fthenakis, G. C. (2010)
    Sheep welfare is the combination of subjective and objective (qualitative and quantitative) aspects of the conditions of life of animals, including health and disease, behaviour. husbandry and management; thus, it is a ...
  • DNA damage in a human population affected by chronic psychogenic stress 

    Dimitroglou, E.; Zafiropoulou, M.; Messini-Nikolaki, N.; Doudounakis, S.; Tsilimigaki, S.; Piperakis, S. M. (2003)
    The effects of chronic psychogenic stress on the expression of DNA damage and cellular response to the damage were investigated. Using the comet assay, basal DNA damage was found to be similar in lymphocytes of both affected ...