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  • Improvement of greenhouse microclimate distribution by means of air mixing fans 

    Kittas, C.; Katsoulas, C.; Papa, K.; Thanasenaris, A.; Bartzanas, T. (2012)
    The objective of this work was to experimentally investigate the influence of air mixing fans on air temperature and humidity distribution in an arched roof greenhouse. The greenhouse was occupied by a tomato crop and ...
  • Improving the efficiency of insect screens in greenhouses 

    Bartzanas, T.; Fidaros, D.; Baxevanou, C.; Katsoulas, N.; Kittas, C. (2009)
    A CFD code was used in order to study the influence of different types of insect screens on greenhouse microclimate and natural ventilation performance. The validity of the code was checked against experimental data. The ...
  • Solar radiation distribution in screenhouses: A CFD approach 

    Bartzanas, T.; Katsoulas, N.; Kittas, C. (2012)
    In this paper the effect of solar radiation distribution in a typical screenhouse was numerically investigated, taking into account the thickness and aerodynamic properties of the screen and its spectral, optical and thermal ...