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  • Joint beamforming and channel selection for multicast IEEE 802.11n WLANs 

    Papathanasiou, C.; Tassiulas, L. (2008)
    Multicast transmission over WLANs is becoming a popular application. IEEE 802.11n technology is developed due to the ever increasing demand for higher data rate and Quality of Service (QoS). However, there is an unmanaged ...
  • LAC: Load-aware channel selection in 802.11 WLANs 

    Athanasiou, G.; Broustis, I.; Korakis, T.; Tassiulas, L. (2008)
    Dense deployments of hybrid WLANs result in high levels of interference and low end-user throughput. Many frequency allocation mechanisms for WLANs have been proposed by a large body of previous studies. However, none of ...
  • Routing-aware channel selection in multi-radio mesh networks 

    Athanasiou, G.; Broustis, I.; Korakis, T.; Tassiulas, L. (2009)
    Efficient channel selection is essential in 802.11 mesh deployments, for minimizing contention and interference among co-channel devices and thereby supporting a plurality of QoS-sensitive applications. In this paper, we ...