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  • Adaptive schemes for distributed web caching 

    Bakiras, S.; Loukopoulos, T.; Papadias, D.; Ahmad, I. (2005)
    In distributed web caching architectures, institutional proxies take advantage of their neighbors' contents in order to reduce the number of requests forwarded to the server. Intuitively, the maximum benefit from this ...
  • Loop scheduling for multithreaded processors 

    Dimitriou, G.; Polychronopoulos, C. (2004)
    The presence of multiple active threads on the same processor can mask latency by rapid context switching, but it can adversely affect performance due to competition for shared datapath resources. In this paper we present ...
  • On optimal cooperative route caching in large, memory-limited wireless ad hoc networks 

    Salonidis, T.; Tassiulas, L. (2004)
    Caching is a popular mechanism for enhancing performance in various layers and applications of computer networking. We introduce both a model and algorithms for caching routing information in large, memory-limited wireless ...