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  • Diagnostic significance of behaviour changes of sheep: A selected review 

    Gougoulis, D. A.; Kyriazakis, I.; Fthenakis, G. C. (2010)
    Sheep welfare is the combination of subjective and objective (qualitative and quantitative) aspects of the conditions of life of animals, including health and disease, behaviour. husbandry and management; thus, it is a ...
  • Does natal habitat preference modulate cereal kernel preferences in the rice weevil? 

    Trematerra, P.; Lupi, C.; Athanassiou, C. (2013)
    The influence of larval diet source in Sitophilus oryzae (L.), a primary grain feeder, on the choice of a new cereal host by young adult was investigated through a multiple choice comparative bioassay. For this purpose, ...
  • People, robots and systemic decision making 

    Blackmore, B. S.; Blackmore, C. P. (2007)
    People can make decisions intuitively, based on their values and perceptions which take account of their contexts, so demonstrating a systemic approach. Other decisions processes are more rational than intuitive and can ...