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  • Creating a specialist protein resource network: a meeting report for the protein bioinformatics and community resources retreat 

    Babbitt, P. C.; Bagos, P. G.; Bairoch, A.; Bateman, A.; Chatonnet, A.; Chen, M. J.; Craik, D. J.; Finn, R. D.; Gloriam, D.; Haft, D. H.; Henrissat, B.; Holliday, G. L.; Isberg, V.; Kaas, Q.; Landsman, D.; Lenfant, N.; Manning, G.; Nagano, N.; Srinivasan, N.; O'Donovan, C.; Pruitt, K. D.; Sowdhamini, R.; Rawlings, N. D.; Saier, M. H.; Sharman, J. L.; Spedding, M.; Tsirigos, K. D.; Vastermark, A.; Vriend, G. (2015)
    During 11-12 August 2014, a Protein Bioinformatics and Community Resources Retreat was held at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK. This meeting brought together the principal investigators of several specialized ...
  • Key challenges for the creation and maintenance of specialist protein resources 

    Holliday, G. L.; Bairoch, A.; Bagos, P. G.; Chatonnet, A.; Craik, D. J.; Finn, R. D.; Henrissat, B.; Landsman, D.; Manning, G.; Nagano, N.; O'Donovan, C.; Pruitt, K. D.; Rawlings, N. D.; Saier, M.; Sowdhamini, R.; Spedding, M.; Srinivasan, N.; Vriend, G.; Babbitt, P. C.; Bateman, A. (2015)
    As the volume of data relating to proteins increases, researchers rely more and more on the analysis of published data, thus increasing the importance of good access to these data that vary from the supplemental material ...
  • RNAcentral: an international database of ncRNA sequences 

    Petrov, A. I.; Kay, S. J. E.; Gibson, R.; Kulesha, E.; Staines, D.; Bruford, E. A.; Wright, M. W.; Burge, S.; Finn, R. D.; Kersey, P. J.; Cochrane, G.; Bateman, A.; Griffiths-Jones, S.; Harrow, J.; Chan, P. P.; Lowe, T. M.; Zwieb, C. W.; Wower, J.; Williams, K. P.; Hudson, C. M.; Gutell, R.; Clark, M. B.; Dinger, M.; Quek, X. C.; Bujnicki, J. M.; Chua, N. H.; Liu, J.; Wang, H.; Skogerbo, G.; Zhao, Y.; Chen, R. S.; Zhu, W. M.; Cole, J. R.; Chai, B. L.; Huang, H. D.; Huang, H. Y.; Cherry, J. M.; Hatzigeorgiou, A.; Pruitt, K. D.; Consortium, R. NAcent (2015)
    The field of non-coding RNA biology has been hampered by the lack of availability of a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of accessioned RNA sequences. Here we present the first release of RNAcentral, a database that ...