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  • Dexamethasone reduces acrosin activity of ram spermatozoa 

    Tsantarliotou, M. P.; Taitzoglou, I. A.; Goulas, P.; Kokolis, N. A. (2002)
    The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of dexamethasone on acrosin activity of spermatozoa in Chios rams during autumn (breeding season for sheep in Greece), in correlation with possible changes in blood ...
  • Ram seminal plasma and fertility: Results from an ongoing field study 

    Belibasaki, S.; Amiridis, G. S.; Lymberopoulos, A.; Varsakeli, S.; Kouskoura, T. (2000)
    The effects of partial replacement of ram semen diluent with ram seminal plasma on the fertility of ewes were studied. Crossbred Chios ewes (n = 152) were assigned to six groups. The oestrous cycles of the ewes were ...
  • Wildlife diseases that pose a risk to small ruminants and their farmers 

    Billinis, C. (2013)
    Infectious pathogens from wild animals have become increasingly important throughout the world in recent years, as they have had a substantial impact in livestock and human health. A large number of pathogens (61% of the ...