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  • Ancestry of the Timorese: Age-related macular degeneration associated genotype and allele sharing among human populations from throughout the world 

    Morrison, M. A.; Magalhaes, T. R.; Ramke, J.; Smith, S. E.; Ennis, S.; Simpson, C. L.; Portas, L.; Murgia, F.; Ahn, J.; Dardenne, C.; Mayne, K.; Robinson, R.; Morgan, D. J.; Brian, G.; Lee, L.; Woo, S. J.; Zacharaki, F.; Tsironi, E. E.; Miller, J. W.; Kim, I. K.; Park, K. H.; Bailey-Wilson, J. E.; Farrer, L. A.; Stambolian, D.; DeAngelis, M. M. (2015)
    We observed that the third leading cause of blindness in the world, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), occurs at a very low documented frequency in a population-based cohort from Timor-Leste. Thus, we determined a ...
  • FLT1 Genetic Variation Predisposes to Neovascular AMD in Ethnically Diverse Populations and Alters Systemic FLT1 Expression 

    Owen, L. A.; Morrison, M. A.; Ahn, J.; Woo, S. J.; Sato, H.; Robinson, R.; Morgan, D. J.; Zacharaki, F.; Simeonova, M.; Uehara, H.; Chakravarthy, U.; Hogg, R. E.; Ambati, B. K.; Kotoula, M.; Baehr, W.; Haider, N. B.; Silvestri, G.; Miller, J. W.; Tsironi, E. E.; Farrer, L. A.; Kim, I. K.; Park, K. H.; DeAngelis, M. M. (2014)
    PURPOSE. Current understanding of the genetic risk factors for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is not sufficiently predictive of the clinical course. The VEGF pathway is a key therapeutic target for treatment of ...